Movies have always been a favorite pastime for entertainment and enjoyment. While going to the movies with friends and family is fun, there is another way to have fun by creating home-made movies. Home-made movies provide added excitement because they allow a person’s creative energy to flow in a project of their very own. Here are some helpful tips that will provide a blueprint on how to create a home-made movie.

Buy a Quality Video Camera

A great home-made movie starts with a great camera. When setting out to purchase a quality video camera for the movie, it might be a good idea to ensure the camera offers high definition filming (HD) and comes with all the necessary accessories for filming and editing videos. The most needed accessories for this will include a battery charger, USB connectors to load the video footage onto a computer, memory cards, and a tripod.

Practice Makes Perfect

In addition to getting the right camera, another important task before filming a home-made movie would be to practice with the new camera. It is best to get used to all the controls on the camera including zoom and power buttons. In addition, try practicing different camera angles to see which positions will put the actors in the home-made movie in the best light. Practicing with the camera will give the cameraperson more confidence in getting the best shots for the film.

Create a Story that Includes a Plot

The camera and filming is vital to a video project, but having an exciting story with a thrilling plot will ensure that movie goers stay for the entire movie. Try brainstorming ideas for movie plots and determining what genre of movie will be made. Will it be a horror or scary thriller, a love story, or an action-adventure type movie? After determining the movie genre, attempt to sketch out different scenes on paper and include the details of where and when they will take place.

Start Filming

Once a story and plot has been laid out for the movie, begin filming the different scenes that were sketched out on paper. Be sure to include different takes and camera angles for each scene. This will help in the editing process because often times a movie or video looks different once a person sits down to edit the movie. Also, be sure to have some clips from filming that will become teasers and tell moviegoers what the film will be about to encourage them to come and watch.

Edit and Complete the Finishing Touches

Lastly, import all the videos taken into a video editing program on the computer. Pull all the shots together into one solid film, and then add sound effects and music to the move thriller. Once all the finishing touches have been completed, save the video and burn it onto a DVD for movie goers to watch and enjoy. Some popular programs that can be used for burning DVDs include iDVD for Mac computers and Roxio Easy Media Creator for Windows version computers.

Creating the perfect home-made movie can be a fun, exciting, and creative experience for those who enjoy filming and editing. Movies provide entertainment for all ages, and typically are the preferred format to convey emotions, information, or any type of story or plot that someone is trying to communicate to audiences. Try creating a home-made movie today by using these simple tips and steps.

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