The art of creating home movies has become an increasingly popular pastime with sites such as YouTube and Facebook. Today, so many technological advances allow someone to record awesome high definition videos with the touch of a button on their phone or digital camcorder. However, even with great high definition video, home video editing software is needed to edit raw video into an enjoyable and entertaining film that friends, family, and YouTube fanatics will enjoy. Here are some of the most popular home video editing software programs used today.

Video Editing Basics

If you are looking for a basic video editing software program, than look no further than iMovie or Windows Live Movie Maker. Windows Live and iMovie programs typically come standard on Windows and Apple computers respectively. These programs provide basic editing tools such as editing video clips, adding transitions, creating titles and credits, and adding music or voice to movies. The effects offered are limited. However, these basic editing programs are easy to use and learn. They create excellent finished home videos that can be shared with friends, family, and even the internet.

Software for Video Fanatics

For those with a taste for more technical video editing tools, consider a program called Adobe Premiere Elements. This program boasts an auto-analyzer that categorizes all the video clips by keywords to make them easy to find for future film projects. For instance, if a person wants to see all the clips they have on cats, they can simply use the search to pull up all of the clips relating to that keyword. In addition, the program offers tools such as correction for shaky camera work and a tool that synchronizes the movie’s soundtrack to match scenes within the movie perfectly.

Pinnacle Studio 14

Pinnacle Studio 14 is another video editing program that is comparable in price and as easy to use as the Adobe Premiere Elements. However, this program does not offer the numerous higher end effects that its competitors offer within the same price range. In addition, the program has been known to be unstable and crash during the editing process, which does not work well for productivity or completing a video project. However, even though the system crashes, it has components and features that seem to work faster than Adobe Premiere Elements.

A Step Up from Pinnacle

One notch up from the Pinnacle Studio 14, is the Magix Movie Edit Pro 17 Plus HD. This editing software has far more transitions and effects than basic editing software, which numbers in the hundreds. In addition, this program will allow the user to upload 99 tracks at one time and offers over 100 templates for projects. One of the coolest features about this software is the ability to upload movies directly to Facebook, YouTube, and Vimeo. The only downside to the Magix Movie Edit Pro 17 Plus HD is that the basic tools are sometimes difficult to use and could use some tweaking.

Avid Studio

Perhaps one of the best home video editing software programs used today is Avid Studio. Avid Studio provides a very easy to use interface and gives the moviemaker lots of organization with the media library section as well as the effects section. It also provides a mountain of transitions and effects and allows the user to burn blue ray DVDs in addition to regular DVDs. The only downside to this software is it tends to be more expensive, with a price tag of $169. However, if the moviemaker’s desire is to use something more professional, this would be the way to go.

Creating home movies can be fun and entertaining. For those wanting to advance their home video editing software from basics such as iMovie or Windows Movie Maker, there are many options and price levels to choose. One suggestion may be to try out trial versions of each editing software until the user finds an interface that works best for them and their editing needs. Depending on whether the user needs more effects or more organization, there is a popular video editing software for every need. Try out some today and turn your home movies into professional films that audiences will love.

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